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10" x 42 Teeth Carbide Metal Cutting Industrial Saw Blade - Exchangeable (Item# 1017352)

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SKU 1017352
  • Our steel cutting saw blades makes light work out of all kinds of mild steel; steel studs, sheet metal, pipe, channel, threaded rod, etc. - exchangeable saw blade
  • Specially formulated C6 carbide tips resist breakage on impact and last much longer than standard carbide exchangeable saw blades or abrasives
  • Abrasive wheels throw sparks and lots of dust, steel exchangeable saw blades reduce sparks and eliminate wheel dust. Abrasive wheels leave a burr at the cutting edge that must be removed later-steel blades cut clean, eliminating this after cut process.
  • C6 micrograin carbide tips
  • Can be used on standard chop saw
  • Go green and recycle this product

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