EAB stands for quality

At EAB we take quality seriously. All EAB products—Exchange-A-Blade®, Razor Back®and Stay Sharp®—are built to exceed quality, reliability and our manufacturing excellence standards guarantee highly durable and superior power tool accessories.

The right quality for you and your job

There’s an EAB power tool accessory to suit every application, user, and budget. Start by choosing the right quality for you and your job.

Designed for light and medium-duty work including do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. EAB general quality blades are made with C2 grade tungsten carbide teeth and are great value

Power tool accessories for the heavy-duty needs of the professional contractor or demanding home user. Blades feature high grade tungsten carbide teeth and precision grinding—top, sides and face. Hardened steel plates and thinner kerfs (cut width), produce finer results, and less wear on equipment

Our best quality power tool accessories designed for the extreme-duty needs of the high volume contractor or commercial woodworker. Precision blades manufactured from the finest hardened steel with fully ground C4 and C6 tungsten carbide teeth—guarantee ultimate results, extra-long blade life, and minimum wear on equipment

Quality engineering is at the heart of everything we do


As innovators of best-in-class power tool accessories, EAB is continuously designing and developing new products. This process requires stringent testing to ensure all new products brought to market are tested for quality, performance, and longevity. During this critical phase, we carry out life-testing, simulating real-world and extreme conditions, to set exacting durability and performance standards.


EAB products are tested against other comparable products on the market. Our goal is to ensure EAB tools are better than the rest. When say we have the best performing products, we can prove it!


Every product shipment we receive is inspected and quality assurance tested to ensure it meets the quality standards set during the design and development phase. This extends to our remanufactured products—restored to original, or better-than-new, quality—we guarantee you can’t tell the difference. Using precision instruments, our lab technicians test EAB tools for hardness, carbide grade, sharpening, and durability. Only those that pass these rigorous tests make it to the marketplace.

Peace of mind when you see this stamp of approval

EAB Tested

You can rest assured that your EAB power tool accessories have been rigorously tested in our North American lab for quality, strength, and durability.