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In the Press: EAB Tool Company Expands eCommerce Operations to USA

In the Press: EAB Tool Company Expands eCommerce Operations to USA

Blaine, Washington (June 23, 2021) – EAB Tool Company, North-America’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly power tool accessories, today announced that it is expanding its facilities and strengthening its partnership with American third-party logistics provider, Propack 3PL, to expand their sales network in the United States. This expansion plan is focused on the new demand arising from the eCommerce sector fueled by COVID-19 pandemic related lockdowns in the last year.


“In the last year, we saw a sharp growth in eCommerce sales which can be attributed to small-business temporary closures, lockdowns and long queues at major retail stores. People have been stuck at home and home improvement projects are on the rise, which has led to the increased demand for high-performance, reliable and cost-effective power tool accessories. Now, we’ve expanded and launched our official eCommerce store in the USA so that people across the country can shop as and when they like, find the right tools and get them delivered straight to their doorstep,” said Mike Longhi, Exec Vice President at EAB Tool Company.


EAB’s new expansion seems straight forward but is expected to be highly effective. Simply put, the company will produce more in-demand products and enable customers in the USA to buy them online with quick delivery. Since this is an official store, it is expected to come with certain benefits – great deals, hassle free returns and, most importantly, early (and exclusive) product launches.


About EAB Exchange-A-Blade

EAB Exchange-a-Blade is North America’s first eco-friendly power tool accessories brand. It delivers a comprehensive range of high-performance power tool accessories for every job, from the precision requirements of discerning professionals to home DIYers. EAB’s first-of-its-kind exchange and recycling program enables power tool users not only to save money with but also to reduce their effects on the environment. This unique combination of top-notch quality and low environmental impact delivers unbeatable value and makes EAB accessories the leading choice of over 2,700 retail stores across North America.


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