Who We Are

Established in 1970, EAB Exchange-A-Blade is North America's first eco-friendly power tools accessories brand. We deliver a comprehensive range of high-performance power tool accessories for every job, from the precision requirements of discerning professionals to home DIYers. EAB's first-of-its-kind blade recycling program enables power tool users to not only save money but also to reduce their effects on the environment. This unique combination of top-notch quality and low environmental impact delivers unbeatable value and makes EAB accessories the leading choice of millions of tradespeople across the globe.

Impeccable Quality

Relentless Innovation

Rigorous Testing

The Secret To Our Success

At Exchange-A-Blade, our three-tier system of development governs all our processes and gives as an edge over our competitors. Our engineers continuously innovate, design and develop new products that are meant to push limits and help you get the job done. State-of-the-art production systems housed in various locations over the world such as North America, Europe and Asia ensure that these designs are meet our strict quality standards. Finally, our products are rigorously tested for hardness, carbide grade, sharpness and durability to guarantee that they are industry-leading products.

Caring For The Environment Is Our Way of Giving Back

Since our early days, we've always wanted to contribute to the betterment of the environment. In the 70's, caring for the environment didn't come naturally to people worldwide. However, through small initiatives each year and by launching our signature Blade Recycle Program we were, over time, able to reduce the impact of our industry on the environment. Our first-of-its-kind Blade Recycle Program helps keep over 60 tons of metal out of landfills each year and also offers our customers great savings. EAB's Blade Recycle Program is a step ahead of just 'sharpening' used saw blades— each blade returned to us is either recycled or remanufactured entirely as if a new blade is made from raw material. In either case, monetary savings as well as carbon footprint reduction are guaranteed.

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