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Free Shipping over $99

How to Exchange

Buy, Use, Exchange & Save

Introduced in the 70s, much before environmental issues were formally brought to light, our ‘Buy, Use, Exchange & Save’ is one that we believe will genuinely appeal to you if:
  • You’re keen on reducing the impact of industrial waste and production on the environment
  • You believe in contributing to the replenishment of earth’s natural resources like ores, water etc. by doing small deeds like recycling
  • You’re looking to save money on your next EAB purchase
  • You enjoy the convenience of one-stop-shopping for all your power tool accessories
  • You demand high-performance, quality backed tools

How it Works:

Step 1: Buy & Use

  • Browse our selection of over 1000 exchangeable products from our online store to find the right products for you
  • Purchase the products of your choice and use them to your liking
  • Make sure to keep the order number handy for exchange

Step 2: Exchange

  • When your exchangeable EAB accessory is dull and ready for replacement, email us at with your order number and our customer service team will help you with your returns
  • Even products that are damaged or are missing teeth, can be exchanged for credit – we’ll recycle these

Step 3: Save

  • Based on the exchange credit associated with your product (as on packaging), our team will issue you a credit on your account you can shop EAB products through the website again!
Every time you exchange products using the ‘Buy, Use, Exchange & Save’ system, you are recycling, reducing waste, and saving valuable resources. Returned products are individually inspected and only returned blades meeting our exacting standards are remanufactured for sale—the rest are recycled. With your participation, you have helped us keep millions of power tool accessories out of landfills.

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