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Free Shipping over $99

EAB Manufacturing Standards

Proud of our North American manufacturing facility

Many EAB products are manufactured in North America under the strict scrutiny of our experienced team. Our 40,000 square feet manufacturing facility efficiently manufactures new power tool accessories and handles our green exchange system remanufacturing.

Remanufactured to good as new

When you purchase any EAB Exchange-A-Blade® or Razor Back® product, you’re guaranteed the highest quality— regardless of whether it’s brand new or has been meticulously remanufactured and tested in our state-of-the-art North American manufacturing facility. All remanufactured blades pass through a strict, ten step remanufacturing and quality control process that guarantees it is restored to its original, or better-than-new, quality. 

Overseas manufacturing standards

Like most other power tool accessories, some of our products are manufactured overseas in Asia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland. Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected for their quality production facilities, attention to detail, technical expertise, and ethical standards. We have built strong relationships with our partners, and our product managers travel to overseas, to Asia and Europe, regularly to carry out quality assurance audits and explore new product development opportunities. Additionally, our quality control lab technicians perform quality control checks on every North American bound shipment before it is shipped to our retail stores. We stand behind our manufacturing standards.