EAB wins the WSRA 2023 Recycler of the Year Award

EAB wins the WSRA 2023 Recycler of the Year Award

EAB wins the WSRA 2023 Recycler of the Year Award

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NEWS RELEASE - 2023/06/02

EAB wins the Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA) 2023 Recycler of the Year Award—Business 

Delta, British Columbia, June 02, 2023—Exchange-A-Blade (EAB®) is excited to announce it is the proud recipient of the WSRA 2023 Recycler of the Year Award—Business at WRSA’s 43rd Annual Conference and Trade Show at the Yakima Convention Center, Yakima, Washington. The WRSA is a non-profit membership organization that has been dedicated to supporting waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting in Washington since 1976.

“We are truly honored to be selected for this distinguished award. EAB has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and recycling of power tool accessories for more than 47 years,” says Rob Forbes, Founder and Owner of EAB Power Tool Company. “I have lived by the belief that if you make something, you should take responsibility for it, and manage it through its entire life cycle. We are a company dedicated to making a difference to our environment, one power tool at a time.”

The objective was clear when EAB launched its brand in 1976, and it remains unchanged today—design a program to enable professional contractors and home DIYers to buy high-performance power tool accessories and return them for a credit when worn. This credit can be used towards the purchase of a replacement power tool accessory and saves buyers up to 40%. EAB’s green exchange system keeps high quality steel out of our landfills and reduces new metal consumption while EAB fulfills its ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.

By remanufacturing metal already in existence, EAB vastly reduces the consumption of raw materials and significantly reduces its carbon footprint. Producing 1 ton of steel requires 1.4 tons of iron ore, 1700 lbs of coking coal, 270 lbs of limestone, 34,000 gallons of water, 20 GJ of energy and produces 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide. For every blade that is remanufactured, no raw material extraction occurs, and minimal CO2 emissions are generated[1].

On average, EAB’s green exchange system keeps 65 to 70 tons of steel out of our landfills annually.  And its remanufacturing process saves 98 tons of iron ore, 59 tons of coking coal, 10 tons of limestone, 2.4 million gallons of water, 1,400 GJ of energy, and 105 tons of CO2 emissions.

EAB stands by its vision to protect the future through multiple other programs. It has eliminated the use of toxic materials such as chromium and paints in its products. Additionally, EAB has reduced its packaging to the bare essentials, using paper and cardboard wherever possible and significantly minimizing the use of plastics. And EAB’s territory managers enjoy the use of a fleet of 35 plus Prius hybrid and electric cars as they service over 27,000 retail outlets across North America.